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We at the Young Historians’ Project decided to create this eBook to provide a snapshot of the history of African women in the British health service. As such, the eBook begins with a brief introduction to this history, followed by profiles and photographs of African women in the British health service prior to the establishment of the NHS. The book also follows the creation of the NHS and the subsequent influx of African health workers in the aftermath of the Second World War and during the latter half of the twentieth century. We've included profiles on all of the women we interviewed during this project, and reflective questions to inspire you to explore these women's experiences as African women health workers even further. We decided to conclude this eBook with some poetic remarks from two extremely talented poets: Simbiat Ogunleye and Kaitlene Koranteng. We recommend this eBook for everyone, but it's our hope that it will benefit young people and educators in particular, and lead to a stronger inclusion of African women in discussions of British history. 

The eBook is divided into three sections:

  1. Historical women

  2. Interviewee profiles

  3. Poetic remarks

This eBook is free to access online and can be downloaded. Please share widely, and happy reading!

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