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Remembering ELBWO (East London Black Women's Organisation)

Current Project

In March 1979, the first ever National Black Women's Conference to be held in Britain took place at the Abeng Centre in Brixton. Organised by OWAAD (Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent), the event brought together a radical coalition of hundreds of women to discuss socio-economic and political issues facing their communities. Inspired by this, the East London Black Women's Organisation (ELBWO) was founded months later. Through oral history, our project will explore ELBWO's journey as an organisation and aims to highlight its impact on the community.

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'Each One, Teach One': The Foundations of Black British History

Current Project

This project explores how Black history gained popular recognition and celebration in Britain over the past 75 years. Our research also traces the emergence of Black British history as a field – honouring the decades-long struggle of activists, community educators, writers, artists, filmmakers, and academics.


Following celebrations of the NHS' 70th anniversary in 2018, YHP turned its attention to the memorialisation of Black women's contributions in Britain. This project aims to highlight the pioneering careers of African women in the British health service throughout the 20th century. Project outputs include a docu–series, eBook, online exhibition, and commemorative murals at Royal United and Charing Cross hospitals.



This project explores the legacy and impact of the Black Liberation Front (BLF); a radical Black Power organisation founded in Britain in 1971. Our research engaged with themes such as Black political identity, grassroots community education, and radical activism. Through oral history interviews with former BLF members, YHP produced a documentary and an exhibition displaying the visual materials of the era.

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