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This project explores the history and impact of the Black Liberation Front (BLF); a radical Black Power organisation active in Britain from 1971 to 1993. Following interviews with nine former members of the BLF and the Fasimbas, YHP produced an exhibition and a documentary film titled 'We are our own liberators: The History of the Black Liberation Front'The project was developed to raise awareness of the history of Black activism in the UK. Our research focused on themes such as community engagement, anti-racism campaigns, the role of women activists, the Black British press, Black bookshops, and Black political culture during the '60s and '70s. See our project hub to view our outputs.

We would like to thank the National Lottery Heritage Fund for supporting this project. A full list of credits and thanks can be found here.


The Black Liberation Front (BLF) was a radical Black Power organisation founded in 1971 in London, England. The BLF had significant impact on the Black British political landscape whilst also developing links with liberation struggles in Africa and throughout the African diaspora. The movement focused on developing Pan-African consciousness, consolidating Black political identity, and challenging the impact of racism in Britain. This was achieved through activities like establishing supplementary schools and community bookshops, finding affordable housing for Black families, and supporting the welfare of Black prisoners. The BLF also worked with contemporary political organisations in the UK on a range of issues and common goals, such as organising annual Africa Liberation Day celebrations.

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View our exhibition on the BLF and the Fasimbas

Explore the archival materials encountered during our research 

Click here to watch and learn more about our documentary film on the BLF

In Memory of Cheryl Philips



With special thanks to all of our interviewees for sharing their stories with us:

Joan Anim-Addo

Jackie Daniel

Lennox Drayton

Nkrumah Pepuyaki

Terry Rocque

Desire Thomson–George 

Winston Trew

Tee White

Ansel Wong


YHP Team2015–2017: 

Sidney Biney

Jasmine Breinburg

Amelia Francis

Sherrie Gasana

Dr Aleema Gray

Ama Gray

Carol Pierre

Akosua Sarpong

Jemmar Samuels

Kabejja Serumaga

Aleja Taddesse

Enna Uwaifo

Hannah Williams

Selam Zeru

With thanks to:

Project Co-ordinators: Lwam Tesfay & Rosa Kurowska

Consultant Historian: Professor Hakim Adi

Exhibition Design: Yijing Li

Tony Soares

Dada Imarogbe

Maria Sara Santoro

Maddy Dann

Grassroots Community News

George Padmore Institute

Black Cultural Archives

London Metropolitan Archives

National Lottery Heritage Fund

On The Record

Rainbow Collective


This project was made possible by the National Lottery Heritage Fund

Thanks to all National Lottery Players!

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