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  • David Kwao Fianko

Podcasting workshop with Weyland McKenzie

In February, the Young Historians Project had a podcasting workshop with Weyland McKenzie, a writer and producer actively pushing the creative boundaries of the podcast medium. He is also the founder of Nello, a creative hub dubbed 'the people's production house'. We enjoyed an excellent presentation of ideas, project frameworks, and podcast examples from Weyland. Through exploring the project Assata's Chant and Other Histories, we learnt how outside visual materials such as trailers and exhibitions can create an immersive experience around podcasts and help bring its themes to life.

YHP members and Weyland (top right)

These tips were helpful for the project outputs we want to create going forward. We were also inspired to think about different ways our podcast could be constructed and had the opportunity to discuss the logistical and creative process behind creating podcasts.

YHP members looking at workshop materials

We thought about the ways in which our podcast episodes, currently in pre–production, need to be more streamlined, and relate to specific themes and big ideas, whilst being interwoven with context. Another discussion had involved how we could be more judicious with the material we would like to share and the ways our episodes can complement other creative outputs for our project titled 'Each One, Teach One, The Foundations of Black British History'.

This workshop was both constructive and inspiring. We would like to extend a big thank you to Weyland for his willingness to help with the pre–production of our podcast.

YHP members and Weyland (outside left)


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