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  • David Kwao Fianko

My personal experience in YHP

I have found the Young Historians Project (YHP) to be an organisation of self empowerment in which there are many opportunities to grow and immerse yourself in things outside of your comfort zone. Not only do we pride ourselves in making our members become leaders of YHP in their own right, but we also ensure that members have additional opportunities to thrive and find themselves. Whether that’s in history workshops at schools and colleges, archival research, or podcasting – no matter who you are, YHP is here to help develop you to be an independent creative force!

Photograph of the author, David

I have been able to put myself into the world of graphic design and help to create zines from scratch. This has been especially useful for our current project, titled 'Each One, Teach One': The Foundations of Black British History'. I have also been given space to delve into article writing and writing reviews about our projects, and developed filming and sound skills whilst working on our documentary on the history of the East London Black Women’s Movement (ELBWO) for its 45th anniversary this year.

I have really found my footing in YHP and learnt many new skills. YHP allows young people to be curious and creative in their own ways. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this organisation!


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