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Our Journey
Behind: A Hidden History: African Women and the British Health Service in the 20th Century

In November 2018, the Young Historians wrote in detail about being awarded Heritage Lottery Funding and the our proposal for this project - feel free to read about it here.

In June 2019 our members put together a short film to summarise the progress we had made and publicise our project. This is that video - and you can read about the process of that task here.

In November 2018, the Young Historians Project were awarded Heritage Lottery Funding for African Women and the British Health Service.

In July 2021, the Young Historians Project begin their launch of materials and events upon completion of African Women and the British Health Service.

During this period our 30~ members have allocated countless hours of free time around their studies, jobs, and lives to get us to this point. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved and have decided to dedicate this page to the work and successes of this project - it is a history of the project and the people behind it. 

Take a look at what we have been working on in the background whilst we produced our project - and don't forget to view all our project outputs here!


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got something to share?

If you have something you would like to contribute to our project please do get in contact at or through our contact us page.

We are looking for:

- more images to add to our gallery including of uniforms, badges,  migrating, community events, training, in hospitals etc.

- information on our Early Women

- a story, or 'about' that you would like to add to our growing archive



public speaking



schools outreach

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