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This interactive map displays the movements of a selection of African women who trained in Britain before the creation of the National Health Service in 1948. It allows you to visualise the extraordinary journeys of these women, and to identify the places that they were drawn to. Each woman is represented by a coloured dot, which is attached to images and links to more information in our online exhibition. 


There are two ways to navigate this map:

  1.   You can use the sidebar to explore each woman’s movements in chronological order. This method is highly-recommended because it showcases individual stories. Click the arrows on the right-hand side to access the sidebar.

  2.   You can click on each dot to access its information. This method can be useful for gauging African women’s movements within hotspots such as London.


Please note that we advise against the use of a mobile phone to interact with this map. 

Click the play button to proceed.

Alternatively, click HERE to access this map on MapHub.

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