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African Women and the
British Health Service



Salmon Report (1967)

The report made recommendations aimed at raising the status of senior nurses within hospital management.

Sickle Cell Anaemia

An inherited blood disorder where red blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen around the body. It is particularly common in people of African or Caribbean descent.

Sickle Cell Society

Is a charity that supports and represents people affected by sickle cell disease. It was founded in 1979.

Society of Radiographers

Is the trade union and professional body for the diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy workforce in the UK.

State Enrolled Assistant Nurse (SEAN)

Due to the shortage of nursing labour in World War II the UK Nursing Council approved shorter training courses. SEANs were first recognised in 1943. The term assistant was removed in 1961, giving the new title of SEN.

State Enrolled Nurse (SEN)

Is a second level nurse who has undertaken an 18 month course. This nursing qualification was retired in the mid 1990s.

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