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'We Are Our Own Liberators' 

The Black Liberation Front 1971-1993

2017 Documentary Film

By the Young Historians Project

YHP presents this short film about the history of the Black Liberation Front. Along with an exhibition, the following film is the finished product of our debut project which focused on the BLF as representative of the hidden history of black activism in Britain. 


This film, entitled 'We Are Our Own Liberators- The Black Liberation Front, is available to watch as an educational tool for people of all ages. 'We Are Our Own Liberators', created by the young historians, is a broad step in consolidating the little known history of black activism in Britain, and features testimonies from nine former members of the BLF and Fasimbas, who provide fascinating first hand accounts of their experiences as black activists in late 20th century Britain.


Additionally, this film highlights the major contributions and achievements made by the BLF to the black community in Britain and internationally, these include the BLF's influential Grassroots newspaper, black bookshops, international links, support for African liberation struggles, Ujiima housing association, and supplementary schooling. This production also allowed these nine former members of the BLF and Fasimbas to reflect on the main challenges faced by the BLF; such as state attacks and issues surrounding gender tensions, as well as providing advice for the young generation of today.


Please watch and share with friends, we hope you enjoy! 

Each one, teach one

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