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The need to connect young people with Black British history

We catch up with Sidney Biney, one of the Young Historians Project's volunteers, who shares his experience of being involved in the YHP and working on its Black Liberation Front project.


Who are you?

"Hello, my name is Sidney. I am currently a Psychology undergraduate student at the University of Essex. I enjoy keeping active, learning new things and meeting new people. As a Psychology student, you might be thinking why I would be trying to get others to take an interest in History – Good question! History is thought-provoking, engaging and one of the few subjects if not, the only subject we all contribute to, simply by being a part of the universe as it is."

Why did you get involved with the Young Historians Project (YHP)?

"The promise of being involved in documentary work, exhibition curation, meeting new people as well as gaining a more nuanced insight into various historical periods drew me to get involved with the YHP."

Sidney Biney

What experiences in the project have stood out or changed your perspective on History?

"For our upcoming documentary into the BLF, I have been involved in the transcript process for an interview. Undertaking this activity has been very memorable as it has changed my perspective on History. Reason being that, its provided me with new thoughts and feelings towards those of Afro-Caribbean heritage that grew up in Britain during the late sixties and early seventies. Particularly, I recount the quote “You are either going to be a victim – become helpless or you become part of the solution”. Such an illustration of the resilient and determined nature of these individuals has impacted me greatly."

Describe a key experience or something you have learned from an interview.

"I have learned a few things about the interview process. I have learned from watching video clips of my YHP peers that interviewing is not as simple as some sports journalists make it out to be. It is an important way in which people can obtain information from each other and that preparation and planning is needed for an interview to be a success."

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